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Tap 50:50


To maximize charitable revenues by ensuring that gaming activity is conducted honestly, with integrity and in the public interest. To be the leading edge service provider to the charitable gaming industry, utilizing state of the art technology solutions.

Plain and simple...our main goal is to help charities make more money.

Company Vision

Technology now drives much of our world and how we live in it including the development and operation of gaming activities. Shifting demographics, the Internet, globalization and increasing consumer comfort with technology are driving player demands, which the gaming industry including developers, manufacturers and suppliers will seek to meet.

From the perspective of a gaming supplier at the beginning of the 21st century, a look into our future shows that we must anticipate and prepare to meet the challenges of gambling's new and emerging technologies. Building upon the strength of the 50/50 lotteries ability to raise money, we are providing a solution to increase revenues to charity while increasing current game integrity standards

TAP 50:50 constantly strives:
  • To challenge the status quo within the charitable gaming industry
  • To challenge gaming regulators to keep pace with technological advances
  • To provide entertainment to society while benefiting noble causes