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Old Stadium, New Problem

Older stadiums, built before the internet exploded onto the scene cause a host of problems for enhancing the raffle experience with mobile terminals and real-time display of jackpot totals. Wi-Fi throughout a stadium is expensive to implement. Local area networks added to a stadium typically don’t reach into the stands where most of the ticket selling takes place. Cellular connectivity can be very unreliable when 50,000 fans are calling their friends. Rebar, cement, and big machinery are all the enemies of reliable wireless networks. Connectivity problems like these used to make old fashioned manual raffles the only option for an older stadium.

Old Stadium, No Problem

TAP 5050 has built a solution with connectivity difficulties in mind – old stadium, no problem!

TAP 5050 uses a centralized offsite server to manage raffles so you would think that connectivity would be our number one concern. It is. However, the TAP Raffle Management Suite can handle those situations where a reliable network connection is hard to come by. Our suite will still sell tickets. It will still keep your mobile users safe by making sure they are not carrying around too much money. It will still update jackpot totals throughout the stadium. In fact, it will still do everything to ensure a secure, safe and fun raffle.