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Tap 50:50
Our technology makes charity raffles more efficient, more profitable, and more fun.

Fun Raising!

The traditional 50/50 raffle is a fund raising staple for large and small charities.

In a traditional 50/50 raffle 50% of the proceeds go to the prize winner and the other 50% go to the non-profit or charitable organization hosting the raffle. Each ticket sold is a chance to win. Therefore, the more tickets sold the bigger the jackpot. The bigger the jackpot the more fun!

With TAP 50:50, ticket sales are fed from hand held point-of-sale devices to our servers and then fed back in real-time to your stadium's digital displays. The real time reporting of the growing jackpot builds excitement about your raffle and drives more sales. Fundraising becomes fun raising!

No Risk

The TAP 50:50 technology platform is a turnkey application. Payment for our secure mobile transactional software solution comes out of the raffle proceeds so there is no upfront cost to your charity.

Donation Dollars are Scarce

The competition for donation dollars is fierce so a source of ongoing revenue that a nonprofit or charity can count on is extremely valuable. Community events, like sports games, music concerts, and cultural festivals are reoccurring opportunities for fundraising.

Our technology helps make the most of these opportunities

TAP 50:50's secure mobile technology eliminates human error, the possibility of fraud, and increases prize sizes significantly putting more revenue into the hands of charitable organizations.