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TAP Into New Technology

TAP 50:50 provides technologies to broaden the reach of non-profit organizations and charities by automating their 50/50 raffles in a safe, secure, and most importantly increasingly exciting way.

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Anywhere, Anytime

Our mobile ticket units can go anywhere, anytime. Whether your event is in the middle of a field or in an 80,000 seat stadium, our secure kiosks and hand held units can reach your entire audience.

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A Virtuous Cycle

Our technology feeds real-time jackpot information to venue specific screens encouraging participants to increase their raffle purchases. This increased participation results in larger jackpots which once again encourages more raffle sales - a virtuous cycle which increases revenue for your charity.

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Hand Held vs. Hand Holding

No need to count stubs from several different volunteers. Our hand held devices automatically reconcile sales with our secure server in real-time. Less time counting means more time selling tickets.

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What's New?

Next Generation Server Solution
A network is only as strong as its weakest link. Mobile raffle solutions use a basic client/server network solution to manage and secure...
Old Stadium, New Problem
Older stadiums, built before the internet exploded onto the scene cause a host of problems for enhancing the raffle experience with mobile...