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May 10 2013 Press Release

May 10 2013 Press Release

New SLGA 50/50 rules may mean more legal and profitable fundraising opportunities for charities across Saskatchewan

Is there any event you go to in Saskatchewan that doesn't have a 50/50 raffle? It is rare. 50/50 draws are a quick and easy way for charities, communities and organizations to raise money for worthwhile causes. But many of these Saskatchewan fundraisers are unregistered and illegal. Tap 50:50 is a Saskatchewan electronic raffling company that specializes in 50/50 raffles for charities. CEO Sean O'Hagan is cautiously optimistic about some of the changes coming to the rules around raffles in Saskatchewan and what they mean for charitable fundraising in this province.

"Small 50/50 raffles are often run illegally here, even though it only costs $20 for a registered charity to get a license from SLGA. Most don't even realize that if they are registered they can apply for a grant of an additional 25%. There is a huge opportunity being missed here, and," he notes, "with the new changes to the rules, there may be even more opportunities for those who register."

The changes Mr. O'Hagan is referring to are the new SLGA rules for online raffles due for release this summer. "This is a very progressive move and I believe Saskatchewan is the first province to adopt such a rule. Not only is it forward thinking in terms of technology, but it also creates more opportunities for increased revenue for the charities themselves and gives the raffle holders more incentive to register and become legal.However, the devil will be in details."

The hope is that the new SLGA rules will maximize the fundraising opportunities for the good of this province. Taking home lottery raffles online is great, but the impact will be so much more if 50/50 draws are also included. Current rules state that the sale of 50/50 tickets has to be at an event. This made sense before technology improved communication. The old rules wanted to make sure everybody who bought a ticket had a chance to hear the announcement of who won. However, with the advent of the internet, not only can those who are not at the event have the opportunity to purchase 50/50 tickets, winners can be contacted more securely and almost instantly wherever they are.

O'Hagan comments, "This might be a great opportunity for the province. It depends on the decisions SLGA makes. Saskatchewan could be at the forefront of technology and charitable giving. If SLGA updates the antiquated rules and allows 50/50 raffles online, charities will have greater incentive to register and legalize their fundraising and the Saskatchewan people will have more of a chance to support causes they love best. If they make the wrong decisions then all the problems associated with illegal raffles will continue to grow."

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