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Tap 50:50
TAP 50:50 technology makes charity raffles more secure, not less.

Security is serious business

We take security seriously. Raffle jackpots can be quite large and the integrity of the raffle needs to be protected. Our technology meets or exceeds banking standards for transaction security.


TAP 50:50 follows a five point plan to enterprise mobile security:

  • We set and centrally enforce policies
  • We don't rely on the mobile workers for security
  • We authenticate each user
  • We protect data during transit and during storage
  • We secure the data if the device is lost or stolen


Your data is being transmitted over our network so we take every precaution to ensure the security and integrity of your data. During transit and storage:

  • Data is encrypted to the strictest of banking protocols
  • We monitor intrusion attempts at every connection and block unauthorized access or devices
  • Back up key data from mobile devices to our secure network server in real time


Our hand held units are mobile, and can be used anywhere from 80,000 seat stadiums to a farmer's field, but they can't be used by just anyone. We authenticate each user.

If a device is lost or stolen:

  • We have both fingerprint and pin number identification that users cannot bypass or turn off
  • We can remotely turn on/off a mobile units access
  • Each connection to the TAP 5050 network requires user and device authentication
  • We can remotely lock a device that is lost or stolen